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Summer Recipe for the earth: The mixture of garden soil and vegetables goes not in the bucket but directly into the garden or under the tree you coose. Translation below!

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„Die Natur ist die universelle Sprache, die uns über alle Kontinente hinweg verbindet. Verbinde dich mit dem Land auf dem Du lebst.“ Migizi

Recipe for the earth 
bucket recipe for winter & 
summer recipe

Fresh vegetable peelings/stalks from what you would like to cook.
Eg. Potato, carrots, orange and banana peelings, stalk and leaves of cabbage varieties. If possible organic and nothing boiled except coffe/tea grounds

How does it work?
Put the fresh vegetable peelings /stalks /leaves, in a mixer or cut into small pieces. The smaller you get the vegetables the faster the transformation will be completed. Add as little water as possible to get a texture with tiny pieces (like fine oatchips)if you do it in the mixer.

Mix this purée one to two with top soil. (The added soil is basically your flour to get your dough dryer if needed.) Place the mixture in a bucket and cover it with a cloth or paper. This dough should be able to breathe and shouldn’t get too dry or too wet. The texture should be similar to a dry shortcrust.

Leave it approximately 2,5 weeks in a place at room temperature. Your soil dough is ready!

You can immediatly plant your plants in there!!!

If the chopped vegetable peelings/stalks/leaves are too moist, simply fill into a tea-towel and squeeze the excess liquid out.

The liquid leaking out (chlorophyll water) is a super fertilizer for houseplants.

If you’d like to use it, diluted 1:1 with water

Your plants will proliferate!

Summer recipe for the earth: put the mixture of garden soil and vegetable not in the bucket but directly out in your garden or under a tree you choose!